• Diode pumping
  • Material processing


  • CW output, low speed modulation
  • Wide range of wavelengths available (635 to 1940nm)
  • Wide range of output power available (up to 50W)
  • Peltier-based temperature control
  • High quality diode inside
  • Reasonable price
DL-series diode lasers
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DL is a series of turn-key diode laser systems. Each module consist of fiber-coupled diode module, feeding circuit (laser diode driver), cooling circuit (peltier module, temperature controller, heatsink and fan), user interface and coverage case.

Module’s input is 230VAC mains, module’s output is optical SMA-905 connector. 
User interface is dual (front panel interface and RS-232 interface).

All modules are based on high quality fiber-coupled diode modules from the world-best manufacturers like Coherent, nLight, QPC lasers, Dilas, JenOptik, LIMO etc. All electronics and mechanics is produced by Vigitek, Inc. 


Model Wavelength Power Fiber core Comments
General usage:

Other wavelengths, output powers (higher or lower) and configuration changes are available on request

Fibers, fiber handpieces and other accessories are also available on request



DL-01 805-810nm, 915nm, 940nm, 975-981nm 32W, 40W, 50W 400um
DL-02 805-810nm, 915nm, 940nm, 975-981nm 30W, 35W, 45W 200um
DL-03 805-810nm, 915nm, 940nm, 975-981nm 35W 100um
Non-standard wavelenths:
DL-04 635 nm 3W 400um
DL-05 640 nm 5W 400um
DL-06 880 nm 30W 400um
DL-07 1064 nm 30W 400um
DL-08 1470 nm 35W 200um, 400um
DL-09 1550 nm 20W 400um
DL-10 1940 nm 12W 600um
Narrow linewidth:
DL-11 808nm, 976nm, 981nm 25W 200um, 400um
Unpolarized output:
DL-12 808nm, 880nm, 940nm 30W 400um
DL-13 808 nm 40W 400um
Cladding mode free (CMF):
DL-14 805-810nm, 915nm, 940nm, 975-981nm 30W, 35W 200um



Option Description
-PL Integrated pilot laser
-FS Fiber detection sensor and corresponding interlock circuit
-PD Monitor photo-diode