Opto-Mechanical Design and Assembly

Vigitek designs and fabricates custom components like OEM mirror mounts, pump chambers, laser and IPL handpieces and OEM-laser heads.

3D assembly model of a mirror mount

Single lamp pump chamber, BaSO4-based reflector, Al enclosure.


                     Single and dual-lamp pump chambers, BaSO4-based reflector, Ti enclosure.

IPL handpiece with Sapphire light-duct conductively-cooled by dual water-cooled Peltier elements.






Universal OEM-laser Head (Long-Pulse Nd:YAG, Er:YAG, Alexandrite, Er:Glass, etc.)

Dual Laser Head with a single fiber coupling port.

             Er:YAG Laser Head, articulated arm beam delivery



Dual-lamp LP Alexandrite Pump Chamber


3D assemply model of a hand-held, flashlamp-pumped Er:YAG laser.