LNF-series flashlamp pumped OEM laser heads


LNF series flashlamp-pumped pulse OEM laser heads operate in free-running mode with wavelengths 755, 1064, 1320, 1440, 1540, 2108 and 2940 nm and are designed for using in medical and industrial laser systems.

Laser rods and flashlamps from the best manufacturers provide high efficiency and reliability. The use of stainless-steel pump chambers with glazed ceramic reflectors provides high efficiency and reliability. Laser heads are designed with the attention to cavity stability. Special design of mirror holders with adjustment screws blocking and base plate made from non-tensioned aluminium increase the mechanical and temperature stability of laser heads.



LNF-series laser heads may be equipped with:

  • metallic coverage case;
  • pilot laser;
  • fiber coupling unit;
  • fiber handpieces of different types

Alexandrite laser head LNF-755 may be supplied on request.