Discharge Circuits

NBZ-1012 discharge circuit (true-rectangular pulse shape)

NBZ-1012 is a discharge circuit with PDM (Pulse Duration Modulation) 

technique implemented. The typical usage is for very long pulses (>50 msec), where the usage of a standard NBU-1012 circuit leads to either severe current droop or extremely large dimensions/weight of the capacitor bank.

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NBU-0405 Square Pulse Flashlamp Driver


NBU-0405 square pulse flashlamp driver is specifically designed for operation in compact onboard Nd:YAG based laser systems such as rangefinders.

The driver contains the battery of storage capacitors, IGBT key for flashlamp pulse parameters control, ignition transformer, and gas-discharger.

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NBD-1012 Square Pulse Flashlamp Driver


NBD-1012 is a flashlamp driver of extended functionality. It is used for the tasks where NBU driver doesn't cope with.

First, the driver allows simultaneous connection of two different lasers, operating simultaneously or alternately. Second, if only a single laser is connected, the driver can perform with a unique technique of dynamic voltage doubling during the pulse.

NBD-1012 includes a built-in simmer supply and all necessary circuits for simmer ignition.

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NBU-1012 Square Pulse Discharge-Circuit


NBU-1012 is a general-purpose flashlamp driver. Its function is forming and delivery  to the flashlamp the square pulses with up to 1000 V voltages, up to 1200 A currents, and up to 100 ms durations.

NBU-1012 includes a built-in simmer supply and a circuit for simmer ignition.

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