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Vigitek has been formed in 2002 by two Laser and Optical professionals with the purpose of developing unique medical and industrial laser products and transferring the design to respective manufacturers for commercialization. Over the years we developed products that cover wide range of aesthetic and surgical procedures, such as full-body hair removal, ablative skin resurfacing, non-ablative collagen remodeling, fractional treatment, wrinkle removal, skin tightening, telangiectasia and other vascular applications, tattoo removal, scar revision, stretch mark treatment, PWS clearing and other treatments of pigmented lesions, cornea shaping, blood-vessels cutting and welding, TURP, as well as industrial applications of diamond marking and cutting.

Company’s primary mission is assisting medical laser companies in achieving superiority and sustainable differentiation of their products in this highly competitive market. Our extensive knowledge of technology, hardware design and application physics, combined with wide network of clients, vendors, colleagues and doctors, allow us to solve even the most complex problems. Every product or technology is custom-developed for a given client and application, and we never design similar products more than once.

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